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Superflex (real name Stephano Bel) is a Dutch producer/ Audio Engineer. He started writing his own beats with a Roland R8 drum computer at the age of sixteen. Throughout the years his interest in the technical side of music production grew which caused him to eventually enroll for an Audio Engineering course at the SAE in Rotterdam.

In 2005 Superflex released his debut EP which included Dance, Lounge and R&B/ soul tracks on one EP. This unique collection of tracks was a reflection of Superflex’ diverse interest in musical styles. In the same year he also signed a promotional contract with MCM Global Team Ltd. They are music industry consultants and involved in projects with artists such as BLØF and Van Morrison. Their involvement generated various prestigious musical projects for the year 2006 and following. Recording a track in Ireland with Ronan Keating’s producer Larry Hogan was one of them.

In the years to follow Superflex continued refining his skills on music production of pop, R&B and dance music. He received radio airplay in the Netherlands on a weekly basis, climbed the top 3 of several MP3 download shops and launched his Merchandise in Utrecht´s trendy record store “Revenge”. To broaden his horizon even further, he started picking up studio projects geared towards post production.

Lately, Superflex has devoted his time into (co-)producing with various producers, artists and DJ’s (resulting in a number of releases and remixes); music production services (including mixing and mastering tracks for clients) and post production services. Check out his discography for a selection of his completed projects and releases.

Superflex has also been at the heart of one of the largest Dance producer communities in the Benelux, namely As co-initiator of this platform he has been very much involved in the development of this unique platform for dance producers until the end of 2011.

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